SwissStop® is a product of Borflex Rex SA, Mendrisio, Switzerland.

The firm Rex Articoli Tecnici SA was foundedĀ in 1935 by Ing. Ignazio Favini. Rex made its start by producing chemical products, and in particular special glues for the shoe industry. In the 1950's the introduction of elastomer based glues saw Rex move into the production of rubber compounds and became specialized in rubber shoe soles. Rex developed compounds for shoe soles which were directly vulcanized to the leather components of shoes and the company became a leader in this industry. Rex was the first company in Ticino (Switzerland) to be ISO 9001 certified by SQS in 1990. The success and future of Rex on the international market is secured by continuing product development, education, high productivity and constantly developed quality control system. Rex is headquartered in Mendrisio, in the Italian region of Switzerland. The location is on the main route between the major European industrial centers. The company is on 12,000 square meters of land and includes 6,000 square meters of developed facilities. The company employs over 100 people, subdivided into the following sectors:

  • research
  • production
  • quality assurance
  • administration

Technical items of rubber, thermoplastics, and a variety of elastic materials are produced and sold by the company. We offer our customer support through product knowledge and service. Our sales network covers the entire globe.


Borflex Rex SA
CH-6850 Mendrisio Switzerland