2009 RATA Race Across The Alps 6/22/2009 9:55:38 AM

Mike Cotty completed the 2009 Race Across The Alps on Saturday June 20. The event featured 526 km of riding with roughly 13,000 m of climbing. After the race Mike reports:

"That was one crazy race!  Had everything.  Snow storms, rain, sunshine.  Insane.

10th overall. Solid ride from start to finish. Brake pads were perfect! 

I had two bikes but I only used the climbing bike with Cosmic Carbone and SwissStop pads as there was no need to change.  So, with all that descending (with all the grit and rain) I wore the front pads out by half so a pretty amazing wear rate really!

Long drive home.  5am start tomorrow!  Nothing like a bit of good recovery!  Ha!

Thanks for your support.