Gone For a While - riding from Berne to Beijing 1/7/2009 11:11:07 AM

In August 2008 Rita and Christian departed from their home in Berne, Switzerland on a year long, intercontinental cycling journey to Beijing, China.

They are now well into their trip and currently enjoying the mild winter conditions of Iran. The two are also experiencing the culture of the region first hand. In their online journal they write "We are puzzled and astonished by the events. On the way out from the restaurant, we ask the owner what this was all about. He smiles calmly and friendly, says that this is just the way it is, and that the police left again after he paid them 10'000 Tuman (10 Dollars). "

To read more about the bicycle travels of Rita and Christian, and for photos and information on the two cyclists, please visit their web site www.goneforawhile.ch  

For this year long journey Rita and Christian were very selective with their equipment. "...just stable, reliable, repairable stuff" they say. Their bikes are fitted with 2008 XT disc brakes, which are equipped with SwissStop disc brake pads.