Press Release - New Automated Production Facility in Switzerland 30.08.2022 12:34:25

August 29, 2022
Hubert Gmür
Borflex-Rex SA / SwissStop

New Automated Production Facility

Bicycle brake specialist SwissStop expands production in Switzerland

(Mendrisio, Switzerland) A new, fully automated brake pad production facility is now in operation at the SwissStop headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland. The investment is expected to provide many benefits, including a significant increase in production capacity and improved time-to-market for new models.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Borflex-Rex SA has well-established knowledge of bicycle brake systems. The company produces a broad range of high-performance brake pads and disc brake rotors under the SwissStop brand. Expertise in design and formulation of pad compounds allows for precise balance of performance characteristics including brake power, modulation, heat tolerance and durability. Brake noise is well-controlled with the latest disc pad compounds offering quiet operation even in wet conditions.

SwissStop produces brake pads and disc brake rotors suitable for all types of cycling - from daily commuting to top level professional competition. The brand has sponsored many World Tour road and World Cup MTB teams over the past 20 years.

“We look forward to continued SwissStop product development and production at this new facility here in Mendrisio.”, says Hubert Gmür, Sales Manager at SwissStop.

Notable facts and figures:

  • new brake pad production line is fully automated
  • 500 square meter footprint
  • annual production capacity is more than one million pairs of disc brake pads

About Borflex-Rex SA: SwissStop bicycle brake pads are a product of Borflex-Rex SA, Mendrisio Switzerland. Founded in 1935, the company started to develop and manufacture bicycle brake pads in the 1960s, becoming the original equipment supplier for several of the leading brake manufacturers of that time. By the 1980s annual production reached over 20 million pieces per year. SwissStop was created in 1991 and with this brand the company continued its decades long tradition of research, development and production in the bicycle brake pad industry. Borflex-Rex also produces a wide range of technical items of rubber, thermoplastics and elastic materials.

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